Despite Trump claims, Election’s validity stays intact.

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By Shafaat Khan, Edited By Adam Rizvi, Washington DC, TIO: Ed Now that the electoral college will cast their ballots on December 14th, here are my 2 cents on what Trump is trying to do: just one thing, with ONE GOAL only — raise as much money as possible to benefit himself, his family, and some friends (so far he has earned more than $500 million dollars in the one month since his defeat)!!

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After Trump loss, Palin files commercial | The Daily Caller

To the curious minds who want to know ALL the itsy-bitsy, minutest details, here is the Viral Misinformation for the 2020 Election, which has been SOUNDLY debunked by all courts and Republican secretary of states in the various battleground states:

After Trump Loss, Palin files commercial | The Daily Caller

No, George Soros doesn’t control voting machines. (Soros does not own Smartmatic)!!

No, ballots weren’t thrown away. (Old, empty envelopes were from Nov 2018)!!

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No, people didn’t vote more than once. (Election experts have calculated that, in a 20-year period, fraud involving mailed ballots has affected 0.00006 percent of votes, or one case per state every six or seven years.)!!

No, there weren’t any new online-voting options. (no state allows Americans to vote by email, website, or text message.)!!

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No, voting machines weren’t doing strange things. (The errors are most often due to mistakes by users.)!!

No, ICE didn’t monitor polling locations. (misinformation aimed at suppressing the vote)!!

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