Democracy  Enroute to USA

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By Saba Rizvi, Edited By Adam Rizvi, The India Observer, TIO, NJ: Martin Luther King Jr, in one of his famous sermons said: “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. With the same thought in mind and heart, the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit was scheduled to San Francisco, Washington DC and New York, where he planned to address meetings  with all sections of people.Also Read, Tweet & Share: “Rahul Gandhi Shares Concerns with Indian Diaspora in New York: PM Modi’s Rearview Mirror Driving and the Consequences”

Thousands joined his American yatra from California to New York via Washington to cheer for an “inclusive” vision of India and for the basic instinct of every human that asked for “Mohabbat ki dukaan”.

No one can doubt that despite being so much Pappu-fied and ridiculed for years, he has maintained his demeanor and calmness and stands for what he considers right.

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During his US visit, Rahul Gandhi shot at the Indian government and criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being autocratic and not caring for the future of his people. He said” “Back home we have a problem, and I will tell you the problem. BJP and the RSS are incapable of looking at the future. They’re incapable. Unse aap kuch bhi poocho, woh peeche ki aur dekhte hain (You ask anything they look into the past) and He showed concern for the sorry state of affairs”.

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Syed Ali Rizvi and Sam Pitroda on Rahul Gandhi’s US Visit

From employment to communalism, the recent deadly train accident Odisha’s Balasore which killed near about 300 people to India’s relations with China and the importance of relationship both within and outside India, Rahul assertively made his points and concerns clear.

He also wooed the Indian-American community, praising them for their work and lavished praise on the Diaspora. “So thank you very much for holding up the Indian flag in America”, he said.

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Dinner on Rahul Gandhi’s US Visit

For someone, who is no longer a member of the Indian Parliament, the Indian Overseas Congress mobilized enough crowds for his events and there was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to meet this Bharat Jodo Yatra celebrity Rahul Gandhi.

Whether one is a supporter of the Modi team or of the alternatives, if you are a supporter of democracy, you would not want India to be in the hands of one person. For sure politics is navigating in rough water, and undoubtedly he is a good swimmer.

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A country of billions should of course need more than one option at the ballot box and the way Rahul Gandhi is projecting, it seems he is definitely the one.

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