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By Adam Rizvi, 2 Feb 2018, NJ, USA. TIO: ‘She’s done absolutely amazing work, is an attorney and is running to fill the Legislative District 15 vacancy. She is polite down to earth and easy to be reached candidate and had been fighting for the right cause and for her constituents, for the working-class families, raising awareness of women’s role has been her long life objective, goal, and a mission. She is West Windsor Councilwoman  Ayesha Krishnan Hamilton, Esq.,

Recently in one of her FB posts, she announced her candidacy for the legislative district 15 vacancies.

Ayesha stands tall with a pleasant heartwarming welcoming smile, not shying away from simple or tough questions or work and is eager to serve her constituents, to be the eyes and ears and to be their advocate in the New Jersey Assembly.

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Ayesha with her husband Brian and the kids

Ayesha is an employment lawyer, an activist,  with over two decades of advocating for the workers. She lives in West Windsor with her husband, Brian, spends time on complex issues and helping her two kids with their homework, sports and teaching them to be proud of what they have and creates a real bond.

She has been serving  West Windsor residents for some time and discovered her love for government public service. However, she has served NJ residents for long before then through her work at the NJ State Bar Association and various business organizations. She also serves as

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Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver and Councilwomen Ayesha Krishnan Hamilton, Esq.

a mentor to young women at Rider University and is a part of the Missions Committee at the Princeton YWCA supporting the Stand Against Racism initiative.

A tough cookie has worked hard to advocate for important township issues like road safety, traffic mitigation, solar micro-grids, and our emergency services.  Additionally, she organizes community gatherings and discussions to promote dialogue and camaraderie amongst residents to build better, more open and connected communities.

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On the question why? she said, “I am running for the Assembly seat because I am a “big picture” person and know I can turn my knowledge, experience, connections, and skills into laws that will be good for New Jersey.  I served on Governor Murphy’s policy Transition Team for Labor and Workforce Development and want to move these proposals to action. I am committed to the Governor’s progressive vision and can help him move New Jersey forward.”

She has a progressive, solution-oriented policy approach to workforce development, tax relief for residential taxpayers and protecting the environment.  She already has an agenda and wants to work on  legislation in the following areas:

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(a) ensuring that we are properly educating our youth, supporting apprenticeship programs and re-skilling our long term unemployed to get NJ back to work in the 21st-century workplace;
(b) dismantling Christie-era under-taxing of commercial property that shifted the burden to residential taxpayers and deprived our towns of valuable tax ratables; and
(e) guarding the environment where we live and work by promoting energy aggregation, food waste recycling, and solar micro-grids while taking a stand against unnecessary pipelines.

Senator Linda and Council Women Ayesha Krishnan Hamilton at SAACO Interfaith meet

Ayesha is not beholden to special interest groups and believes in the need of strong voices in the state government to mitigate the harm to NJ from national policy changes in our tax code (removing the SALT deduction), offensive anti-immigration rhetoric, and backward-looking environmental policy.

She does not mind making her phone public, she considers her constituent as a part of her family and encourages people to reach out to her even on her private phone  (215) 738-0222 or email at if she can be of any assistance and would love to answer any questions people may have.


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First published in TIO on Feb 2, 2018


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