Dalit MP Savitri Bai Phule Quits BJP on Ambedkar’s Death Anniversary

Alleges BJP ‘Unleashing Great Conspiracy’


New Delhi, Dec 6, 2018: BJP MP from Bahraich, Savitribai Phule, has resigned from the BJP saying that the party “is trying to create divisions in the society”.

Phule said she has specifically chosen to resign from basic membership of BJP on the death anniversary of BR Ambedkar. “From today onwards, I have nothing to do with the BJP. My voice was being ignored in the party as I am a Dalit. There is a great conspiracy against Dalits and their rights. The reservation for Dalits and Backwards is also being slowly taken away. I will continue to fight for the Constitution and will hold a mega rally in Lucknow on January 23,” she said.

“UP CM says Hanuman ji was Dalit. Hanuman ji was Dalit but he was against ‘Manuwadi’ people. Hanuman ji was Dalit that is why Lord Ram made him a monkey. Dalit people do not want Mandir, they want Constitution,” added the Bahraich MP. Phule has often criticized her party over several issues, particularly on those related to Dalits. On Wednesday, she had targeted UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s for his comments on the caste of Hanuman.

“If he (Yogi Adityanath) really loves Dalits then he should love them more than he loves Lord Hanuman. Has he ever embraced any Dalit? He might have been eating out dinner at Dalit households, but the cook was not Dalit. There are Assembly polls and they don’t have any issue left so they are terming Hanuman Ji as Dalit. They just want to take Dalit votes but now Dalits, backwards and Tribals of the country has now understood their dhong (farce),” she said.

Recently, during a rally in Rajasthan, CM Yogi had said, “Lord Hanuman was a forest dweller, deprived and a Dalit. Bajrang Bali worked to connect all Indian communities together, from north to south and east to west.”

Phule also demanded that if Lord Hanuman was a ‘Dalit’ as claimed by UP CM Yogi Adityanath, then Dalits should be appointed as pujaris in the all the Hanuman temples across the country. “Hanuman always stood by Lord Ram but then why did Ram award him a tail and blackened his face?”  She has also alleged that Lord Hanuman was a slave of ‘Manuwadi’ people. “When he did all for Lord Ram with devotion, he (Lord Hanuman) should have been made a human and not a bandar. At that time also he had to face humiliation due to being a Dalit. Why can’t we Dalits be considered humans.”​

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