Chef Sanjeev Kapoor trolled for his version of ‘Malabar Paneer’ recipe

Celebrated chef Sanjeev Kapoor recently shared the recipe of his experimental dish Malabar Paneer but it was not received in good taste by netizens. People on Twitter criticised the chef for messing north Indian paneer with Malabar cuisine of the south.

He described the dish as a “wonderful Malabar dish that has the flavors spicies and offers several gastronomic opportunities.”

While paneer is used in north Indian cuisines, Malabar is an integral part of Kerala cuisines. It has a distinctive flavour that comes from the combination of local spices, coconut milk and curry leaves. People of Kerala are mostly non-vegetarians and their curries generally include chicken, beef, seafood or mutton. The fact that chef Kapoor made his own version of paneer by using Malabar prefix didn’t go down well with Twitterati. Many pointed out that paneer is not used in Malabar traditional dishes.

Lashing out at the chef, a Twitter user said, ”Adding Malabar prefix to a dish does not make it a Malabar dish. I dare you to find a Malabar dish that use paneer.”

”As a malabari, Iam hearing about such a dish for first time. What does North Indian paneer had to do with malabar’s traditional dishes,” wrote another. ”How about Punjabi Chicken Sambhar? next,” asked another.

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