At Delhi’s mango festival, Manish Sisodia resorts to ‘aam’ humor

‘Speciality about mango is that it is “aam” (ordinary). We are also from AAP, nothing would be closer to us than ‘aam’ itself,’ Sisodia said.

New Delhi: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday used pun and sweet humor to drive home the message about the value of ‘aam aadmi’, saying the speciality of mango is that it is the king of fruits and yet so ordinary.

He was speaking after inaugurating the 30th Mango Festival at Delhi Haat, Janakpuri in New Delhi.

“The speciality about the mango is that it is ordinary (‘aam ki khaasiyat hai ki vo aam hai’). We are also from the Aam Aadmi Party, nothing would be closer to us than ‘aam’ itself,” he said.

The AAP came to power in Delhi, pitching itself as a pro-people party, and the Arvind Kejriwal-led outfit’s name (Aam Aadmi Party) has often been referred to the ‘aam’- the fruit, in a lighter vein, in popular parlance.

“While eating, no other fruit, be it a banana or an orange, can make you exclaim wow. Only mango is a fruit that can make you say ‘wah’. There would be hardly any family which doesn’t eat mangoes these days,” Siosdia said. From Alphonso to Amrapali, mango-lovers can choose from over 500 varieties which are on display at the three-day festival. “This is a chance to see the king of the fruit that we find on our dinner table, which is so close to people. And, the fruit itself has such a huge family behind it as seen here”, Sisodia said.

Other varieties include Langra, Chausa, Rataul, Hussainara, Ramkela, Kesar, Fazri and Mallika.

“On one hand, a mango is so small that it resembles a marble and on the other one weighs 1,660 grams can also be found here. Here you can have fun by watching mangoes and also eating them,” he added.

He also admired the texture of the mangoes on display, while adding humour to it, saying: “These mangoes look like a fine and artistic piece by a child with perfect pencil strokes. The nature has taken all its time to create these beautiful mangoes whereas some mangoes also look like they’ve been made in haste.” Sisodia invited everyone to come with their families and enjoy the festival.

“Whenever we are sad, we just find a corner and don’t speak to anybody, but when we are happy, we are unable to keep ourselves from sharing the joy with others. I am sure the same will happen today. You will take a lot of selfies and share them on social media, either to tease your friends or to invite them,” he said.

He later also posted a tweet of his pictures from the festival. A host of other activities would also be organised during these three days — mango-eating competition for men (July 8) and women (July 7); mango-themed quiz and slogan writing competition for children; band performances; stand-up comedy besides cultural performances.

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