A Big Loss: Baksish Imam (Baqar) Rizvi is no more

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By Salman Jaffri, The India Observer, TIO: We lost another OG of the community. An OG that many people knew. To some he was Baqar bhai. To others Baqar uncle, and many a times, he was referred to as “Big B”(by the kids that loved him and those that he  loved).

When a person departs this world into the next, it’s never easy for the loved ones, who want him to stay. This man was loved by many. In his last days, he was surrounded by loved ones that did whatever they could do to make it as easy and comfortable for him as possible.
 He had a unique relationship with the kids in the commmunity, especially those that were close to him from the beginning. For a desi uncle to watch Wrestlemania with the kids was major brownie points. In recent days, many times I would see him, go right up to him, give him a hug, ask him how he is doing and even though you knew he might have been in pain, never once did he complain or let anyone know he was in any type of pain. In Urdu, “kisi ko kabhi zahir bhi nahi hone diya.” He laughed through it. He smiled through it. He used his circumstance to keep laughing and make others laugh. That is a strong man.
From what I’ve heard, I honestly think Baqar uncle knew that it was his time to go. He was ready, even though we might not have been. I’m going to miss his black Sherwani.
 And on an even more personal note. Last night I kept picturing in my mind his smiling face. Just like he smiled through his pain in the last few years of his life, I know for sure he smiled while transitioning to the next life, I’m sure of it.
 He was part of the original crew. So many memories. So many good times. So many laughs and he will be missed dearly. Please recite a Surah-e-Fatiha for Baksish Imam (Baqar) Rizvi.

Edited By Adam Rizvi

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