Why are you afraid of Taliban?

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By Muzaffar Ali , Copy Edited by Adam Rizvi, New York, TIO: The Taliban, with a radical ideology of religion, has made its comeback in Afghanistan with great enthusiasm. America gave the way, Pakistan created the atmosphere, the Afghan government knelt. The government of our country also kept grappling with the Taliban behind the scenes for a few years. The government of our country was aware that if the US withdraws its army from Afghanistan after making a deal with the Taliban, the Taliban could be in power, so the talks with the Taliban were kept behind the scenes.

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Afghanistan in 1994 only 50 students The organization of the Taliban has become so big that today the world forces touching the heights of modern and development cannot stop Afghanistan from going into the Middle Ages. The whole world, which is calling the method of punishing crime as barbarism, is correct in the eyes of the Taliban and they argue that cutting off the hands of a thief will stop many people from becoming thieves. People will be afraid of publicly committing crimes like hanging, flogging, rape by stone pelting, illicit relations and similar crimes and this fear will lead the society on the path of reform.

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Taliban The spokesman told the BBC in an interview that the Taliban does not aim to kill people, they punish the criminal according to the instructions of the Qur’an, not of their own will. The world is scared but the Taliban are saying that under their rule in Afghanistan, everyone will get equal rights and especially women, they will not take away the right of education, just walking will be according to them.

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Some intellectuals in our country have expressed the fear of the influence of Taliban on Indian Muslims and spreading communalism from it. Some said that Indian  Muslims should condemn Taliban, show patriotism. The reality is that a Muslim, whether an Indian or a citizen of any country in the world, knows the teachings and instructions of the Qur’an very well and today the things of the Taliban that are being feared to have an impact on Muslims, they do not know that From the age of seven, every Muslim child starts getting trained in the Qur’an in a madrasa.

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Upon becoming an adult, one also learns a little bit about Islamic law, and this process has been going on around the world for fourteen hundred years. But the Muslim community keeps the information about Islam’s fanaticism or punishment for crime confined to their homes, they know that this is not possible in our country with modern ideas nor in developed countries. Saudi Arabia or the Prince of the United Arab Emirates, all have modern views, it is another matter that two of the three countries that recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan in 1998 Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were the same. The third country was Pakistan.

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Earlier, funding to the Taliban also came from Saudi Arabia because the Taliban was propagating the Sunni Muslim ideology of Islam. It is clear that the Taliban ideology is actually a Sunni Muslim ideology. Sunni Muslim ideology has the largest population in our country as well as in the Muslim countries of the world. The difference is that the Islamic way the Taliban dreams of ruling, they want to do it on the strength of violence.

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This violent tendency of Taliban is making it a villain in the world. Indian Muslims will never recognize the violent tendencies of the Taliban and will not directly support them.

Curated and Compiled by Humra Kidwai


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