Video of Pakistani Man Singing Jana Gana Mana at India-Pak Match is Winning Hearts Everywhere

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A heartwarming gesture indeed.


Divided by borders, agenda, and meaningless outrage but united by humanity, love and respect for each other. Yup, that’s how the India-Pakistan relationship can be summed up. While there are differences between the two nations, there have been gestures, especially on the game field, which have shown that the two countries are perhaps willing to move on.

Whether it was Neeraj Chopra shaking hands with Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem at the Asian Games last month or the most recent India-Pakistan match where spinner Yuzvendra Chahal tied Usman Khan’s shoelaces, humanity, sportsmanship and mutual admiration have always triumphed.

While the India-Pakistan match got much attention with memes and Yuzvendra Chahal taking the spotlight, a video of a Pakistani man singing the Indian national anthem, now gone viral on Facebook, is winning hearts all over.

In the video, the man who has donned the Pakistan flag around his shoulders, can be seen singing the Indian national anthem. The video was shared on the Facebook page Voice of Ram and has garnered over 5,00,000 views in a day.

After thousands of people hailed the man’s gesture in the comment section, sending him much love and respect from India and Pakistan, Adil Taj decided to identify himself and wrote, “That’s me guys. Thanks for sharing. Peace only. No nonsensical wars. Spread Love.” He further asked people to spread love and peace between the two nations.

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