Rahul Gandhi Kissed By Woman At Gujarat Rally On Valentine’s Day

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Valsad, Feb 14: Gujarat has sprung many a surprise on Congress President Rahul Gandhi but never one the likes of which left him blushing as he did on Valentine’s day on Thursday in Valsad, around 360 km from Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Rahul Gandhi was caught off-guard when a woman planted a kiss on his cheek at a public rally in Gujarat. The video is now viral on social media. As the incident took place on  Valentine’s Day, it has grabbed the attention of the country, it’s views running into several thousand now on social media.

In the video, the Congress president is seen onstage in a rally when he is approached by a group of women who suddenly appear with garlands and flowers. He stands up to greet them when one of the women drags down his head and kisses him on the cheek. The incident took the Congress President totally unaware and he is seen blushing, embarrassed at her action.

Later in the video, the other women surround him and proceed to give him flowers and bouquets. The same woman who planted the kiss on his cheek is later seen holding him by his chin, as she would a child. The Congress chief rewards her with a grin.

Many have hilariously linked the video to Valentine’s Day. That is not unexpected since the incident concerns the most eligible bachelor of the country.

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