Panaji slides down in the scales of cleanliness, Indore the cleanest city

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Falling from its former glory, Panaji has fallen from a 16 in the Swachch Sarvekshan in 2016 to a 90 in 2017, that’s a great leap and the reasons that Civic authorities provided for such a plunge was the increase in the number of cities in the survey from 100 of last time to 500 this time.

The saving grace in this fall of Panaji remained the maintainance of the overall score of 1271, more than national average of 998. Indore however emerged as the cleanest city with a whopping 1808 points.

The survey also found that 80% of the Panaji wards are facilitated with door to door waste collection services and 84.38% Ponjekars found their city cleaner than last year.

The last development being a little more 75% of the wards declared Open Defecation Free, there’s still a lot that needs to be done by the Civic authorities.

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