‘My Wife Went on Honeymoon Without Me’: Anil Kapoor’s on his relationship with his wife Sunita

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Mumbai, August 1: It’s been 45 years and Anil Kapoor goes all nostalgic when he revisits his courting and early days in a relationship with Sunita Kapoor.

Humans of Bombay, a page that catalogs real-life stories, featured the Fanney Khan actor recently and boy, he had a lot to say about his soul mate

In the Facebook post, Kapoor shares how he fell in love with Sunita long before he had made it big in the Hindi Film Industry and how the ‘other girl’ helped him land a date with the love of his life.

It started with a prank call, he says in the post – which was the first time Kapoor had ever spoken to his present-wife, “that’s when I first spoke to her and fell in love with her voice!”

He adds how the friendship continued because of someone else. “We used to discuss this other girl I liked – you know, if I like her or she likes me? And then suddenly, that girl vanished, leaving me heartbroken. So my friendship with Sunita became stronger because of a broken heart! Little did I know that Sunita was the one all along.”

He also mentions how his real-life romance was nothing like the ones on-screen. “It’s not like in the films – I didn’t ask her to be my girlfriend…we both just knew.”

Kapoor goes on to narrate about his struggling days in Bollywood and how Sunita stood by him in the thick and thin of times. “She was from a liberal family––a banker’s daughter with a happening modeling career and I was totally bekaar! I lived in Chembur and she lived on Nepeansea road, so I would call her and say ‘I’ll take the bus and reach in an hour.’ She would scream, ‘No come fast by taxi!’ then I’d say ‘Arrey I don’t have money’ and she’d say ‘Just come na, I’ll manage’ and pay for my cab!”

He reminisces his first breakthrough movie — Meri Jung, which eventually gave him the confidence to ask out Sunita to marry him. What did he do next?

“I called Sunita and said, ‘Let’s get married tomorrow – it’s tomorrow or never’ and the next day, in the presence of about 10 people we were married!” In the post, he also reveals how he couldn’t manage to go to his honeymoon because of his shoot schedule so his wife went all alone.

“I went for my shoot 3 days later and madam travelled abroad on our honeymoon…without me!”

After 45 years of friendship, love, and companionship, Kapoor believes that he and Sunita have just started dating and their romantic dinners and walks have just begun.

“They don’t make people like her anymore. She’s the perfect mother, perfect wife…and the reason I wake up every morning, motivated.”


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