My Dream Entertainment’s Girls Nightout event

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My Dream Entertainment’s Girls Nightout event on 5th May, 2017 was a huge hit. The night was filled up with entertainment with Zumba performers, DJ night, Music. The event was at Akbar restaurant, Edison and had 500 gorgeous ladies attending. The theme of the event was Bollywood-Hollywood night.

My Dream Entertainment founders Janak Bedi and Rashmi Bedi, Mrs India NewJersey 2016 have a mission to produce entertainment events that has entertainers and celebrities coming from all over the world.  They not only target the niche market of couples and young folks that want to party but also focus parties catering to families that would like to meet their favorite celebrity and get up close and personal with them.

Marketing and Brand promotions for my Dream entertainment is managed by Meenal Darak, Miss india Seattle. When guests were interviewed, they mentioned that metropolitan cities in USA lacks glamorous events and the reason they love attending My Dream entertainment events is because it brings glamour and entertainment at one stop. It allows guests to grow their social circle and at the same time have a great time in an entertaining night. Other key players for arranging this event were Ritu Anand, Kim Chuggani, Ankita Patel.

My Dream entertainment is launching in several other cities such as Chicago, Seattle, Dallas etc in the next few months to bring interesting events in your city. Keep an eye!!

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