Muslim women lead silent protest against Triple Talaq Bill

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The protest was organised by the women wing of All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

Lucknow: A sizeable number of Muslim women staged a silent protest in Lucknow against the Triple Talaq Bill and requested Narendra Modi Government to reconsider it.

The protest was held  by the women’s wing of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. The war on the Triple Talaq Bill will be waged on social media sires ascwell informed the IT cell of women wing of AIMPLB.

Muslim women from Lucknow and adjoining areas gathered at the Teele Wali Masjid with placards with messages like “We Demand Take Back Triple Talaq Bill”, “Triple Talaq Bill Suppresses Women” and “Honourable President Sharia Doesn’t Enslave or Chain Muslim Women. Take Back Your Statement.”

Asma Zehra, executive committee members of AIMPLB, said that Triple Talaq Bill, which recommends three years of imprisonment for husbands giving triple talaq, is interfering with Sharia Law and that is not acceptable to the Muslim women in India.
“All Muslim women stand by the Sharia Laws and do not need any bill on triple talaq. It all started with gender justice and women’s right but later the matter has been politicized and is a ploy to demonize and harass Muslim men.” Azra stated to TIO.

“The bill was not in favour of the real cause, right now there is an attempt to interfere with the Muslim personal laws and nothing else,” she added.

“The government should focus more on rising csses of crimes sgainst women– eve teasing, rapes, girls’ education and women safety. This bill will put Muslim women in deeper trouble as the man will go to jail and at the same time there is no provision for any kind of maintenance money. In such a case, we strongly condemn the Triple Talaq Bill and request the government to reconsider it and take it back,” Zehra said.

After the protest, a memorandum against the bill was also handed over to the district administration for the President of India.

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