#MeTooUrbanNaxal goes viral on social media

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New Delhi August 29. 

A day after five rights activists were arrested for their alleged links with Maoists, a#MeTooUrbanNaxal movement went viral on social media.

A large number of people joined the social media movement while supporting the arrested activists and hitting out at the Union Government for creating an alleged emergency-like situation.

The raids were carried out as part of a probe into the violence between Dalits and the upper caste Peshwas at Koregaon-Bhima village near Pune after an event called Elgar Parishad, or conclave, on December 31 last year.

Prateek Sinha, Co-founder of Alt News, on Facebook wrote: “You know how the term ‘anti-national’ doesn’t stick anymore. It was because all of us of a certain ideological bent started jokingly referring to ourselves as anti-nationals in many of our conversations and reduced it into a joke. It was no longer derogatory, it was a joke. So they needed a new phrase and which is what is ‘Urban Naxals’. We cannot let these Hitler’s grandchildren and great grandchildren target specific people with that phrase. So let’s reduce it to a joke. Let’s all proclaim that we are all ‘Urban Naxals’. #MeTooUrbanNaxal, what about you?”

The hashtag was created after another user Vivek Agnihotri took a dig at those criticising the arrest.

He wrote on Twitter: “I want some bright young people to make a list of all those who are defending #UrbanNaxals Let’s see where it leads. If you want to volunteer with commitment, pl DM me. @squintneon would you like to take the lead?”

Within minutes a counter hashtag #MeTooUrbanNaxal started trending. Archana Bhardwaj tweeted, “If asking the questions, or standing up for humanity and freedom of speech makes me an urban Naxal… then I’m proud to be one #MeTooUrbanNaxal”


Lead Image Courtesy The Times of India


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