Let’s let the bieliebers be. For once

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All the excitement that India dabbled in, on account of Justin Bieber’s first ever concert in India seemed dampened while it was discovered that he lip synced his own songs.

The question that I would like to see being raised is why? He is famous for that, anybody who has listened to Bieber, have seen his previous concerts would know that. He does lip sync and he makes no efforts to hide that, why then were the fans so disappointed if he did what he does.

Apart from that unlike most of the stars in events of the same level come hours later than the scheduled time and keep the fans waiting, at least he did come on time and did not throw any tantrums he is infamous for.

I, for one failed to see an empirical reasoning behind the constant criticism of Justin Bieber on the basis of his songs, the quality of his voice, his hair style and the people who ever liked to listen to him and anybody who have had friends being “beliebers” and saw them being made fun of knows what is the timeline I’m tracing.

No matter what he is now, what weird tantrums he throws and what sick things he ends up doing at times, I am talking of constantly making fun of him from the beginning of his career for being what he naturally was and without realizing he was and he is so much most of us are not, at the same age and page of life and maybe remotely respect that and if you don’t like him, let the people who do be.

Let him be, turn the volumes down if you don’t want to hear instead of hate speeching those who really want to listen to him, to whom he matters. If I wasn’t prepped about the Bieber business I sure as hell knew I had no right hating those who were, giggling about the good natured jokes is fine but I think some of us would know what kind of “funny jokes” I condemn here as unfunny and not required.

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