Jubilant Imran supporters take out post-win Victory Car Rally

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Captain’s personal video of thanks buoys PAK USA, Sam Khan, Amjad Nawaz, Taqueer -Ul-Haq, Nadeem

By Adam Rizvi. Edison, New Jersey: Imran Khan, after all, not just the quintessential Pakistani cricket star, former captain of the Cricket team will be the Prime Minister Of Pakistan. Men loved to watch him because of his swagger because his swing looked straight from his batting, cricket field. And women, excuse me, ladies loved him because of his leading-man looks with strong macho flair and everyman accessibility to this legend.

PTI activists Mohammad Nadeem Yousuf, Sohail Sheikh, Sulaiman Malik, Sam Khan, Asif Baig dancing on party song, “Tabdeeli Aayi Hai ( Change has Come), dancing to the Desi Beats by DJ Sunny. 

It’s rare for Pakistanis to gather and break out in a song and dance routine unless it’s at a cricket match or a wedding. One more category was added to the list this week with the victory of Imran Khan and his certain leadership as the new Pakistan premier.

Supporter DJ Sunny of Desi Beats, was all Music, with Blasting sounds.  

Pakistanis in New Jersey, under the leadership of the various organization, earlier collected thousands of dollars in a fundraiser at Royal Albert’s palace just a few days before the crucial polling day, took to the streets in a spontaneous show of solidarity and joy rejoicing in the’ Captain’s’ victory.

In a personal message, now premier Imran Khan,  acknowledging the support of PAK USA , thanked both PACUSA and Sam Khan, for the fundraiser and the unstinting support of the Pakistani American community.



The video message, recorded before the declaration of the results, states:  “I am very thankful for the Pakistani American Council and Sam Khan, Amjad Nawaz Taqueer -Ul-Haq, Nadeem for organizing the fundraiser in New Jersey and indeed extremely grateful for the support of the Pakistani American community. This support has come at a turning point in the history of Pakistan. The political mafia that has overtaken this country over the past thirty years, with supporters like our brethren within and without Pakistan, we will be able to free our country from their clutches. We did not have the kind of resources and free money to buy the media and advertise profusely. We are a committed party with modest funds at our disposal. –this was the last stage and your help from the fundraiser has come at an appropriate time.. I am on the 26th of July when the results are announced we will surely see a new dawn after a long dark night dawning in Pakistan.” This message was telecast widely before supporters of

PTI and PAKUSA, adding to their joy and pride.

Amjad Nawaz

A float bearing huge posters of Imran Khan, With name and photo of community leader and business tycoons sponsors printed at the bottom of the posters were Malik Sulaiman, Sam Khan & Nadeem with congratulatory slogans and playing the party song Tabdeeli aayi hai (Change has come) led the victory rally. The rally began from the hub of Edison city from the parking of the famous Shezan Restaurant, banquet & catering,  cars were decorated with the Posters of Imran Khan Loud music could be heard from the distance, free arrangements were made By the Indian owner Of Shezan Mr. Sunil Pendse,

who went congratulating everyone and offering all kinds of assistance to the participants with the box of sweets. The Rally  of almost more than two hundred cars culminated after an over two-mile long procession, with the convoy of cars escorted by flashing lights of police cars, the town had come to a halt, finally finishing at Shahnawaz Palace, a Pakistani restaurant owned By Mr. Nadir Khan, who very graciously  provided free dinner to all. Another set of speeches and dance were performed by the crowd on the street and the parking and ending in a public gathering.

Mohammad Nadeem Yousuf. PTI

“After 22 years Pakistan is seeing a new dawn of change and the Tehreek e Insaaf chant of Tabdeeli aayi hai (Change has come) has now rung true, “stated a joyous Sam Khan addressing the rallyists.  Pakistani Muslims, overjoyed at Imran’s victory, sang and danced and promised all support to their countrymen in ushering a new dawn for the country under the leadership of Imran Khan. The  Rally was escorted by the New Jersey police and became an unusual spectacle for the city as it traveled towards its grand finale.

“The minute the news of Imran Khan’s victory broke on new channels the Pakistan stock exchange recorded a spurt and we are all looking forward to better governance and progressive times for Pakistan,” said a Imran Khan supporter speaking to TIO Editor in Chief who was a special invitee from the Indian Media, and travelled with the owner of Hilt Builder Group in the rally. another community leader Mohammad Nadeem Yousuf, Speaking to TIO @ Rally remarked, “I have hopes that the dreams of a glorious Pakistan that our ancestors dreamt at its inception will now be realized. I do not contest the fact that there are many obstacles in the path of growth but we look forward to a better tomorrow under Imran Khan’s able leadership.”

Imtiaz Syed, President PTI.

Imtiaz Syed President of PTI, NJ was in constant touch with the crowd and reached to this writer over the phone, showing his gratitude and how happy he was to see their hard honest work under the great leadership with integrity and vision of Imran Khan has shown results, at times his voice was choking with happiness. Dr. Syed Said, ” Mr. Adam Rizvi you see the impact and the smiles and best wishes of so many Imran Khan has is far too numerous to count. The opposition who has mocked our leader Imran Khan have fallen flat on their faces. Now you will see the Naya Pakistan which will bring prosperity shine to Pakistan and its people, peace and harmony will prevail with our neighbors”.

 inputs: Shirin Abbas, TIO

Writer Adam Rizvi can be reached directly on his personal E-mail: Mediaiss@gmail.com

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 Photos: A1 Studio, Arshad M Choudhary.



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