Joy of serving lonely patients

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“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world” — William Shakespeare (The Merchant of Venice)

Faridabad, September 15: Goodness is more vividly reflected in expressed service to others. People in distress often look for a helping hand. Concern for others comes from large heartedness and a sense of duty towards fellow beings who are reeling under troubled situations. When personal pain and plight becomes secondary is when a person has attained heights of selflessness.

Satish Chopra in Faridabad has taken up the noble cause of serving lonely patients admitted to the Civil Hospital who have no attendant or relative or friend to look after them. He braved his unsteady married life that ended in a divorce. This predicament changed his outlook and he started looking for peace and salvation in service to those in similar distressed situations. Chopra (38) is a resident of the National Highway-5 block of the NIT area in Faridabad. He attends to patients who have no family member or attendant to take care of them. Several hapless patients are admitted to the Civil Hospital with none from the family accompanying them. Chopra is a saviour for such people. “In the last few months Satish Chopra has gained popularity for his service to people admitted to the hospital who have no relative or friend to attend to them. He is always there to help such hapless people,” says Varun Sheokand, a local resident and Chopra’s friend.

“I know him for the past several months and I always found him making all efforts to help patients who have no family support or others to take care of their needs in the hospital,” he adds. Chopra in assistance from  his well wishers not only ensures that patients get proper treatment, medicines, clothes, food and fruits required during hospitalisation, but also helps them reach their native places.“I had tried to run my own small business but I soon realised that there is a field where I could work with more enthusiasm,” says Chopra. His earnest desire was triggered when he found a poor physically challenged person sitting near the gate of the Civil Hospital a few months ago and he took to serving hapless patients.

“I got heartfelt satisfaction and encouragement when the first patient I had looked after recovered and expressed his gratitude with a smile loaded with thankfulness,” says Chopra.

Shahna Khatun (32) was stabbed by her husband and hospitalized. Chopra not only attended to her in the hospital but also provided her financial help, as there was none to take care of her and her two children. There are always a few patients in the Civil Hospital that Chopra takes care of. He believes that the hospital is his second home and spends up to 10 hours there every day.

His selfless social service has got wide appreciation and now he has got support from well wishers, enthusiastic social worker and friends. “I get up around 6 am and reach the Bhadshah Khan Civil Hospital to find out if any patient needs my help,” says Chopra.

He says Baba Ram Kewal, Varun Sheokand, Rajesh Kumar, Shadab and Jyoti and a few others are his motivators. He wants to set up a national-level trust to serve hospitalized people in distress throughout the country.

Chopra is educated up to Class XII. He has also been actively involved in flood relief camps and has been providing clothes to the poor.

The article first appeared in The Tribune

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