Hindus and Muslims celebrate Holi in Islamabad

The Hindu community from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, social and human rights activists organised holi event at Lok Visa Complex.

The event was largely participated by the general public and civil society activists. The event underscored the increasing realization that Hindu community in Pakistan has been subjected to discrimination in the past and every opportunity must be grabbed to express solidarity with them.

The religious minorities are equal citizens constitutionally in Pakistan but they are widely discriminated on religious grounds and Hindus are no exception. “Such events and Muslim participation in them would help minorities that this country is their homeland and they are entitled to religious freedom as much as majority Muslims are”, said Malik Shehbaz,  a participant in the Holi event.

This would improve image of the country and inculcate a sense of tolerance among the people to discourage forces of obscurentism,  Malik added.


Arif Taj

Apart from being a human rights activist and part-time green farmer, the author teaches philosophy in Pakistan. His interests are language, migrations, history, politics, philosophy and political economy. He may be accessed via

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