At Grand NJ gala Pak expats voice support for Imran Khan

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Exclusive only on,” The India Observer”, TIO. PAK USA’s President Sam Khan calls the function a grand success.

New Jersey July 20: Pakistani expats turned out in large numbers at the grand gala held at New Jersey’s Royal Albert Hall at a glittering function in support of Imran Khan. With just a week left to go for the 25th July elections, the Tehreek-e-Insaaf leader added to the patriotic fervor to the evening by ending an emotional video message to Pakistani  Americans asking them to pitch in their might and donate generously to the party so that they could put their last reserves into fighting an election.

With Nawaz Sharief and daughter Maryam in jail, there seems to be no better prospect in sight for Pakistan save Imran Khan, a charismatic leader known for his clean and incorruptible image.

PAK USA President Sam Khan

Speaking on the occasion, PAK USA president Sam Khan said, “We have lost one generation, we don’t want to lose another generation. This is the season of elections and politics. On the 25th (July) we have to ensure that we take our voice to our countrymen to ensure that the ballot falls on the bat which is the symbol of Imran Khan  one man who deserves to win and lead Pakistan to another era of success and dignity.”

Funds being raised, checks and cash being collected at the function

He then requested Mr. Hafiz to grace the dais who went on to welcome the guests and on behalf of the Pakistan American Council, I welcome all of you to Royal Albert Hall for gathering here to strengthen the hands of the Tehreek-e-Insaaf party. Speaking about his personal interactions with the political leader, he added, “Imran Khan has fulfilled all promises that he made to the Council. In his professional and personal life, he has always displayed a grace and dignity and been ethically upright. When he had to divorce his British wife Jemima and when the matter was in court, he did not fight for the half of their entire assets that he was entitled to, but left it all to her and his children. When he was asked about the division of property and he refused to take anything. He has left property worth several crores and returned to Pakistan only to serve his nation. This was the bone of contention in his marriage– he wanted to return to Pakistan and Jemima wanted him to stay on in London. He got divorced only because he wanted to come to Pakistan and serve the nation” he said. ”When he will win there will be a new Pakistan a county that we have dreamed about, we should support him and donate generously to the party.”

Dr. Imtiaz A. Syed President, PTI.  

Dr. Syed Imtiaz President of PTI in NJ, speaking on the occasion said two things I want to talk about Imran. Pakistan democracy has been in shackles, he is the most democratic leader before us. There is no other party that religiously screens its party members and in case any of his own MNAs or   MPAs are found guilty of any wrongdoing or have a tarnished background, Imran Khan promptly asks for them to leave or be removed as he is clear on the fact that he wants a clean image for himself and his party. He clearly says, “I want a clean party and if you cannot join me on these grounds I want you to leave. He is a charismatic leader with a stature that will hold him in good stead anywhere in the world and make Pakistan proud of its choice. I have met him and tell you frankly that I have seen no other leader with such an aura. He overtakes you with his overwhelming personality.

Women supporters loved Imran Khan, is it because of his leading man looks, his World Cup, the PTI or the only hope for Pakistan.

This is the time that we should rise to the occasion to finance him and donate generously to strengthen the Tehreek-e-Insaaf party. With just one week left for the Elections, our contributions will help rebuild Pakistan anew and give it a totally progressive and new image in the eyes of the world. Mr. Imtiaz rounded off his address by donating $5000 to Tehreek-e-Insaaf and called upon others present to donate generously.

In a hall reverberating with slogans of “Save Pakistan, Support Imran Khan,” other members of the PTI, a strong presence at the function, addressed their countrymen and extolled them to support Imran Khan.

Speaking at the function Mr. Aijaz Asif, of the PTI New Jersey lauded the Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician for his honest and clean image, his integrity as a politician and the driving need to serve his nation, which was the reason for his entry into politics.

“He is already a global personality with the right image and Women in large number came to support this cricket Icon,

Imran Khan and wanted to see him as the PM of Pakistan, yes ” Naya Pakistan”.aura to represent Pakistan. It is time we gave him a chance. I call upon my countrymen to vote wisely and choose a progressive, educated leader as their premier in these elections.”

Women supporters of Imran Khan, the cricket legend, flocked to the stage in huge numbers.

There was a large turnout of women at the function as well, who took to the stage, joining their countrymen in calling garnering support for Imran Khan and seeking all to use their influence on Social Media to turn the tide in favor of the charismatic leader, Imran Khan.

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Inputs: Shirin Abbas

Photo Credits: TIO & A1 Video Photos Arshad M Choudhry 


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