Arihant Nuclear Submarine, Completes Its First Deterrence Patrol: PM Modi

True to its name, INS Arihant will protect the 130 crore

New Delhi, Nov 5: On Dhanteras it is customary to buy utensils or other metal objects like vehicles. Prime Minister Modi has gone a step ahead—by gifting the country Arihant, India’s first nuclear ballistic missile submarine, which has completed its first deterrence patrol, PM Narendra Modi announced on Twitter on Monday.

This completes the establishment of the country’s survivable nuclear triad. “Dhanteras gets even more special! India’s pride, nuclear submarine INS Arihant successfully completed its first deterrence patrol! I congratulate all those involved, especially the crew of INS Arihant for this accomplishment, which will always be remembered in our history,” PM Modi tweeted.

The indigenous development of Arihant and its operationalization attest to the country’s technological prowess and the synergy and coordination among all concerned, said the Prime Minister as he thanked them for their dedication and commitment in realizing this pioneering accomplishment enhancing immensely the country’s security.

“In an era such as this, a credible nuclear deterrence is the need of the hour. The success of INS Arihant gives a fitting response to those who indulge in nuclear blackmail,” said Modi.

As a responsible nation, India has put in place a robust nuclear command and control structure, effective safety assurance architecture and strict political control, under its Nuclear Command Authority. It remains committed to the doctrine of Credible Minimum Deterrence and No First Use, as enshrined in the decision taken by the Cabinet Committee on Security in its meeting chaired by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on January 04, 2003.

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