After Saints Object, Rashtriya Muslim Manch Cancels Grand Namaz, Quran Recitation in Ayodhya

There are also rumors about the Manch cancelling the event under pressure from the district administration.


Lucknow JULY 12: The Rashtriya Muslim Manch cancelled the grand namaz and Quran recitation session on the banks of Saryu river in Ayodhya scheduled for Thursday after some saints objected to it.

“This programme was planned to bolster the unity between the two communities but since few people had reservations against it, the place has been changed,” said Muslim Rashtriya Manch leader Shabana Azmi.

According to reports, some saints and a priest from Hanumangadhi Raju Das had raised objections post which, the organizers restricted the programme till the Naugazi Dargah and cancelled all other events, like Wazu on the banks of Saryu river and recitation of the verses from Quran.

There were also rumors about the event being cancelled under pressure from the district administration though the organizers deny it.

“There was no pressure from administration to cancel the programme. We are cancelling this particular programme on our own, rest other programmes will take place as per the schedule,” said Murari Das, an organizer from Rashtriya Muslim Manch.

The district administration, however, has refused to comment on the matter. The preparations for this programme were going on for some weeks, but it was cancelled all of a sudden. The RSS too distanced itself from the programme.

Speaking to the media, national media coordinator of Muslim Rashtriya Manch, Raza Rizvi had said, “We are organizing a grand event in which more than 1500 Islamic scholars and clerics will be participating and performing wazu (ablution) with the running water of Saryu river in Ayodhya, as it is said in Islam that running water is pure, and then they will offer namaz. Post that Quran Khani (recital) will also be organized to give out a message of peace and brotherhood to the world. We believe that these prayers will contribute towards building of Ram Temple soon in Ayodhya amidst peace and brotherhood.”

The event was said to be aimed at sending out a message of peace and brotherhood and was also seen as an attempt by the Muslim Rashtriya Manch to break its anti-Muslim image. Interestingly, RSS national executive member Indresh Kumar is the patron of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch.

A day before the event Muslim Rashtriya Manch leader Shabana Azmi had said, “It is a misconception that in Ayodhya Muslims are not allowed to practice their religious rights. The other misconception is that the RSS is against Muslims. The event is an effort to give a message to the world that Ayodhya is a place for both Hindus and Muslims. The RSS is a true friend of the Muslims. Both Hindus and Muslims share the same DNA.”

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