83-year-old ‘groom’ for 30-year-old bride for want of a son!

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Residents of 12 villages near Samrada in Rajasthan turned out to bear witness to this unusual wedding between an 83-year-old man and his 30 year old bride

Jaipur: Like every other Indian bridegroom, it was a glittering wedding with the groom arriving on a horse accompanied by revelers. Only the smiling bridegroom on the horse in Rajasthan’s Karauli was 83 and on his way to enter into a second marriage with a woman just 30 years old, so that he could get her to bear a son and look after his ancestral property.

Local officials are probing the matter, which is technically a crime as the man is already married. As per reports from IANS, Bairava lost his only son 20 years ago to a critical disease, and since he owns considerable property, wanted a son to take care of it. His wife Batto agreed to him marrying again so he could fulfill his “wish.” The couple also have two daughters, both married.But in a country obsessed with a male heir, they hardly count.

Bairava has accepted that the sole reason for his remarriage was to father a son. His first wife too opined that they needed a son to inherit their huge property, spread over Rajasthan and a plot in Delhi.

Under Indian law, Bairava’s act is technically bigamy, which is illegal . The District officials were unavailable for comments on the issue nor could anyone detail the action that would be taken again the Octogenarian groom.

A team comprising local level officials has been formed and directed to visit the location and confirm the news. Only after this, the administration will take action against the accused, the husband for marrying twice, and the wife, for encouraging the crime.


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